Mission Campaign 2020-2021


  • isolation missions are 19 days long (4 days of pre-flight, 14 days of isolation, 1 day of post-flight)
  • all research conducted on crews are first accepted by our partner’s bioethics committee - ask us for your research approval of the bioethics committee by Research Proposal Form
  • participation costs 1750 euro per crew member
  • if you are a representative of a partner institution you can apply for a discount. more in Partnership Program
  • participants will be tested for COVID-19 and medically tested upon arrival
  • you may be asked to change your diet habits for the mission - your diet will be consulted with you
  • your communication with close ones and colleagues will be limited to emails and telecoms - phones are not allowed during the mission
  • during isolation you will be provided with a research schedule of the day - there is a free-time when you can attend your personal matters
  • during isolation mission 1-2 hours of sports daily are mandatory
  • We do not select people with any kind of phobias (i.e. claustrophobia etc.)
  • Your application will be considered individually based on the current situation regarding Covid-19 pandemic in your country

Minimal requirements:

  • age: 21-65 years
  • proficiency in english - near fluent
  • at least bachelor’s with experience

Lunares Partnership Programm:

Your institution can join our Partnership Program and join our research network. For first-time-partners, we propose a collaboration that is the risk-free and cost-effective way of starting working together. The collaboration in organizing a particular mission translates to:

  • one sponsored crewmember or reduced price for a group of participants,
  • partners proposals for experiments and studies for a string of missions,
  • mutual promotion on social-media as LunAres partner.

Further collaboration can expand in scope and forms. We are interested in a long-term collaboration that may result in research funding opportunities and integration of international efforts in analog studies. Let’s work together.

    email us at


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